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Important Information

Covid-related Updates

Due to regularly changing developments related to Covid-19, there are many unknowns regarding the upcoming traveling basketball season (e.g. practice locations and facility availability, tournaments, protocols for tournaments, etc.). As the organization continues to learn more along the way from Minnesota Youth Athletic Services (MYAS), guidance from the CDC and MDH, as well as other traveling basketball organizations, we will provide more clarity. Stay tuned for more information as we know more. 

Please see the Policies section of the website for more information on the organization's Covid Preparedness Plan. 

Here are the latest return to play updates and suggestions from the MDH and CDC. 

Here is updated guidance from the MN State High School League and the MN Dept of Education on spectators at events: Although not official for all traveling tournaments, this will give you a pretty good sense of how tournaments may be thinking about spectators for their events. 

Covid-related Refunds

Total costs for the season are $540. This includes a $450 season fee + a $90 uniform fee. All players (including those returning) will need a new uniform this year. Our uniform vendor discontinued the style we had been using, and therefore all players need a new uniform.

Registration fees are based on best projections of what our costs will be for the upcoming season, primarily factoring in tournament entry fees and gym rentals for practices. Projections are based on each team having 2 practices per week and participating in 8 tournaments during the season. Most tournaments have gone to a "no daily gate fee" model, and therefore have significantly increased their team entry fees to each organization to offset that change.  

Given the uncertainties, St. Paul Basketball will carefully track what does and does not happen during the season. We wil issue an end-of-year refund to participating families, as appropriate, for those costs that are not incurred due to unexpected cancellations and shutdowns. 

Spirit Wear

St. Paul Basketball spirit wear is once again available to order for the 2020-21 basketball season!! Please visit the following online store to order: Get your order in today!

New this year: orders will be shipped directly to your home vs. to the organization as in past years. 

Financial Assistance 

Saint Paul Basketball does offer partial financial assistance opportunities. If you would like to request financial assistance, please contact us via email. Our treasurer will work with you directly.  


*To learn more, inquire about scholarship opportunities and/or if you are interested in coaching, please email us at