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Covid Preparedness Plan

Due to the ongoing pandemic, Saint Paul Basketball Association has put in place the following Covid Preparedness Plan. All athletes, coaches, parents, and volunteers associated with SPBA commit to following the policies and procedures outlined in this document. 

Covid-Related Refund Policy

Registration fees are based on best projections of what our costs will be for the upcoming season, primarily factoring in tournament entry fees and gym rentals for practices. Projections are based on each team having 2 practices per week and participating in 8 tournaments during the season. Most tournaments have gone to a "no daily gate fee" model, and therefore have significantly increased their team entry fees to each organization to offset that change.  

Given the uncertainties, St. Paul Basketball will carefully track what does and does not happen during the season. We will issue an end-of-year refund to participating families, as appropriate, for those costs that are not incurred due to unexpected cancellations and shutdowns.